Elowen begins…

I’ve just started psychology volunteering, but it looks as though it’s gonna be a long haul. I need cash in order to fund it. Time was, you took on a job and they trained you. Now, you pay for your own training and then work for free….

I have been toying with the idea of taking on some badly paid 9-5 but I’m worried that won’t give me enough flexibility to do the volunteering, which kinda defeats the purpose. Then I thought, sod it, I’ve spent all this time trying to get my singing technique up and running and now that I finally feel really confident with it, I should try and make some money with it.

Last year, Sally Holliday, my pal and photographer extraordinaire, and I got a few gigs in my local area singing classical and Christmas songs as a duo. It was pretty good fun and our busking session on Christmas eve went really well, so we thought we’d revisit it this year.

Last weekend, we sang through some numbers,  decided on a name, Elowen (we just thought it sounded nice) grabbed a couple of matching ballgowns and headed to Piercefield woods for a photo shoot! Recordings and website to follow, watch this space….

2014-10-05 16.18.14

Planning on going busking…with my pal the Yellow Book

I have pretty much accepted that work is gonna slow down, or indeed grind to a halt over August…so here’s an idea….

I’m getting back into singing…I need practice…I also need cash. I have an battery powered amp and a mic Being the world’s worst pianist,  I have backing tracks for several popular arias that I have learned over the years. I also have a phone that I can load them on to. What better way to bring all this together than to do a spot of busking?

If anyone knows any classical singers, chances are that they will own a copy of “24 Italian songs and arias”, otherwise known as “the yellow book”. We all get it when we first start classical singing, and we almost always learn “caro mio ben” first too. (I learned Amarilli, mia bella, because Cecilia Bartoli did it on one of her albums)

I never had much time for the yellow book, I wanted to get on with the more dramatic well-known arias, but it occurred to me that busking might be the perfect opportunity to get better acquainted with the songs in it as too many big arias may well prove taxing in one busking session. And I also have backing tracks on a CD for every single one, thus saving me money on MP3s.

And, so far, I’m having a lovely time listening to them and trying to get a feel for which I want to do first. When I’ve got the hang of them, all I then need to do grow a thick skin, put on a nice dress, and hit the streets…that will be the hardest part…