little acts of achievement

When I’m at work, my colleagues and I often talk about 5 Ways to Wellbeing. I’m far too lazy to list them here but here is a link if you want to read more. One of them has really leapt out at me this week, “Keep Learning”.

It’s one of those weeks when nothing seems to go right, and none of it feels as though it’s under my control. One of those weeks when the world conspires to thwart and bottleneck me every which way it can. Take the MSc application that I’m trying to write. Well, I’ve written it, got the referees and there’s even someone who might supervise me. But can I fill in the online application? I started it, and for the last week haven’t been able to log in to complete it. Shouldn’t be a problem , I thought, I’ll just click the link that says “forgotten username or password” and all will be well. Nah, it’s taken three online messages and two phone calls to get the details that I need to log in, and tonight, I’m just too bloody tired to wrestle with it again.

Lots of other life stuff, probably too dull and depressing to mention.

BUT…the silver lining is that I finished the shirt that I’ve been meaning to make for the last year, and I swear that’s been the thing that has kept me sane this week and stopped me drifting into despondency. The pattern has worked really well, and it looks dead cute (well I think so anyway). I was thinking about why it has made me so inordinately pleased, and I came back to the 5 Ways to Well-being. I had control over it. When it seemed as though I had no¬†autonomy or influence¬†in any other area, I could, at least, finish the shirt and gain a small sense of having achieved something. Which I guess ties into “Keep Learning”. Because as you learn and progress you get that sense of achievement that is all down to you, no matter what the rest of the world does.