More about me

My life story, should you wish to read it…

Grew up in leafy South Bucks, went to a all-girl grammar, left leafy Bucks for the bright lights of Birmingham to study psychology. Left university with no idea of what to do apart from pursue music with my rock band. Did that for a few years, then took some singing lessons and went classical. Formed Lady Georgianna (18th century trio) and learned how to make period costume, host blogs and manage social media. Worked as a community musician for seven years with children, young people and vulnerable adults. Loved it.

Moved to Chepstow in 2012 to start a new life/finally settle down, and hopefully build own house. Relationship fell apart, community arts sector died a death due to funding cuts. Panicked.

Started sewing for other people, got back into life modelling and drawing, tried to learn Welsh. Found a host of fantastic and wonderfully creative friends, in a small town that is highly supportive of quirkiness. Got married in 2017. Still exploring and learning, meeting new people and having new adventures all the time.

And I still want to build my own house.