I love Autumn

I love this time of year. Although it is still sunny for the most part, as soon as August turned into September, something in the air changed. Maybe it was the light, or maybe the wind dropped just a couple of degrees, but there was a definite shift. I wore a jumper yesterday for the first time in ages. And a scarf. And walked around Chepstow with a big smile on my face.

I have been trying to work out what it is about early autumn that I love so much. Maybe it’s the clothing? Summer always seems to me to be very high maintenance, having to shave my legs every other day and wondering if I really suit that little skirt any more. And when it’s hot, it gets to a stage when you can’t take any more off and have to sit about feeling hot and sticky. When autumn hits, I can then get out the layers! I love hats and scarves. I love big snuggly jumpers and the feel of a cold wind on my face when the rest of me is toasty. I love long skirts and warm trousers. Dramatic makeup. The list goes on an on. Somehow, trying to do that in summer feels like overkill, even when it’s not very warm outside.

Maybe it’s the activity? Autumn for me is associated with returning to school after the holidays. While I liked being on holiday, I missed the stimulation of learning and being around lots of other people all the time. Returning to school meant new projects to take on and seeing my friends every day. As an adult, the start of autumn means that other people are also turning their minds towards the months ahead, and that is when they contact me with a view to employing me. Summer is frustrating for the self-employed. Contacts are often away on holiday at different times and it is difficult to move anything forward. Once September arrives, however, replies to emails arrive and plans start to take shape.

I often find that autumn is a far more creative time of the year for me than any other. Summer makes me hot and listless, winter has me sitting indoors bemoaning the loss of natural light. Spring is ok, but is gearing up towards the inertia of summer too much for my liking. In autumn, the leaves change and everything is somehow more colourful, the light is clearer and so is my head. Autumn to me means celebration, halloween, bonfire night, preparation for Christmas and all the creative pursuits that can go along with that, especially when I was at school.

Or maybe, just maybe, I like blackberry crumble? Blackberries are one of those things that I would never even consider buying in a shop. You’d have to spend a fortune to get enough to make anything half-decent, and they always taste so bland. I love the annual adventure of seeking out great blackberry spots and getting there before anyone else picks them all, then storing my gains in the freezer for when I next fancy comfort-dessert. Speaking of which, I have a crumble in the fridge…must be time for breakfast!