About me

into-the-light.jpgI’m Abi, this is my blog/website…

I’m an assistant psychologist and community musician. This website/blog acts as a record of my journey from the upheavals and life changes of 2012, to, hopefully, a happy and fulfilling life doing work and living a life that is dictated by my skills and talents, and rejecting the idea that I should constantly be trying to bash this chronically square peg into round hole after round hole.

I am now working as an assistant psychologist, but until recently, worked as a professional singer, costume-maker, visual artist and life model. You can find out more about these on the relevant pages.

Over the last few years, my interest in psychology was rekindled (not that it ever went away) and I am currently working on ways to re-enter the psychological world. I have an interest in the psychology of creativity, also ADHD (especially adult ADHD) and Acceptance and Commitment therapy.

I’m a self-confessed geek. I love fantasy and sci-fi, and can talk for a very long time about 18th century underpinnings, and am trying to learn about wearable electronics, with nothing but a physics GCSE and a bunch of very clever friends.  I used to get performance work dressed as an elf, but can be more often found these days leading a community choir in the mythical land of the Marches, a group in LARP game Empire.

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