About me

into-the-light.jpgI’m Abi, this is my blog/website…

Before returning to full-time study at Cardiff University, I worked as an assistant psychologist for the NHS and before that, had a career in community arts.

I’ve had an interesting life, I’ve worked as a professional singer, costume-maker and visual artist. I try to keep my hand in with as many of these as time allows.

These days, however, I am pursuing a career as a clinical psychologist with a particular interest in adult ADHD and neuro-diversity in general. I have also become interested in Acceptance & Committment therapy, and I’m looking to combine these interests in my MSc dissertation.

I’m a self-confessed geek. I love fantasy and sci-fi, and can talk for a very long time about 18th century underpinnings, and am trying to learn about wearable electronics, with nothing but a physics GCSE and a bunch of very clever friends.  I used to get performance work dressed as an elf, but can be more often found these days leading a community choir in the mythical land of the Marches, a group in LARP game Empire.

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